Faster than This

from by Toodles & the Hectic Pity

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    A 12" vinyl record of our EP "Call in Sick", a 5-track record that we poured our souls into. Includes beautiful art by and an insert and lyric sheet. Comes with a download code. Released on the 24th of June 2017.

    You can get this delivered to your house or you can pick it from the Exchange in Bristol, whatever suits!

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  • This option gives you two beautiful things: a ticket to the EP's LAUNCH PARTY on the 24th of June at the EXCHANGE in Bristol, and it means you've reserved a copy of the EP on a 12" record to pick up on that same night, all paid for in advance. You save a quid, and booking fees, off the advance price for the gig, and you get a vinyl copy of the EP too! Can't complain with that, can you?

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    shipping out on or around June 24, 2017

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This song is dedicated to Tigger, the biggest cat in the world (RIP). He lived fast and died old. If he were still with us, he'd be inhaling coffee by the gallon, drinking Sanny Miggs, and calling in sick every single day.

We should've called this song "Toodles but every time they say faster than this it speeds up." But we didn't.


Two cups of coffee on an empty stomach.
Four pints of beer on an empty mind.
Because it makes me shake and it makes me nervous,
makes me vomit but it'll make me smile.

And it goes faster than this.

Do you remember the day they told you you were worthless?
Do you remember asking why?
They painted your future with a single purpose:
sing their fears and scream their sighs.

And as soon as you were born here you'd come back wasting.
Wasting all of our precious time.
But I don't put my self-worth in the hands of people who don't put respect in mine.


from Call In Sick, releases June 24, 2017



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Toodles & the Hectic Pity Bristol, UK

Toodles & the Hectic Pity are a DIY punk band from the countryside near Bristol.

"A nice combination of west-country folk with a Bristolian ‘fuck it’ attitude" - Punktastic

"Catchy songs and satirical lyrics" - Opinion Overload: the Bristol Music Blog

"The worst band name I've ever heard" - Anonymous Bristol Promoter
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