There used to be a bridge in Bristol that read on one side "You Still Look Tired" and on the other "Call In Sick".

That bridge no longer says that, but you do still look tired. This song is about how if you work all the time, you'll get shitter and shitter at life until you eventually, gratefully die.


Wake up in the morning now, muffins and coffee to get rid of that frown.
Because we don't talk to each other before 6.30am.

It's so hard to talk when you're this exhausted.
All this separation: a border between two working horses.

Wake up mid-afternoon to a pain you feel that comes on too soon.
Because the way you feel runs through your veins like a headache through your blood.

It's so hard to speak, when you feel this lonely.

And I know now why you watch television all night.
It's a kind of submission that feels all right.
And I know now why you cannot sleep.

Because you shouldn't have to work so hard to barely get you by.

You wake up at midnight. Your coffee cools by the moonlight.
All the mistakes that you've made rise up to meet your face.
It's so hard to be alive when you ache on the insides.
Insomnia will spit you out and leave you by the bedside.

'Cause they're knocking at your door, they're sleeping in your bed,
putting fire with your pitchforks, and they wish that you were dead.
'Cause there's a spectre in your bedroom running scared from the things that you might say.


from Call In Sick, released June 24, 2017



all rights reserved


Toodles & the Hectic Pity Bristol, UK

Toodles & the Hectic Pity are a DIY punk band from the countryside near Bristol.

"A nice combination of west-country folk with a Bristolian ‘fuck it’ attitude" - Punktastic

"Catchy songs and satirical lyrics" - Opinion Overload: the Bristol Music Blog

"The worst band name I've ever heard" - Anonymous Bristol Promoter
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